Connie Mantello

Business and Senior Property Manager | Mantello Real Estate The professionalism Connie has developed during a career defined by exceptional success in a diverse range of environments finds its natural home in the property industry where, although real estate is the product, people are the key.

Connie’s empathy and an instinct for assisting clients has its roots in her initial work as a nurse while the efficiency and organizational skills she possesses were honed in demanding, dynamic retail, customer service and administrative roles.

Connie is self-motivated and energetic, and her up to date knowledge of the market and her understanding of the relevant legislation means she provides accurate, helpful advice that ultimately creates a successful outcome for all parties to a lease agreement.

In addition, Connie can contribute to ensuring vendors’ and buyers’ real estate ambitions are realized through her considered opinions and a natural ability to see things from her clients’ perspective.

Connie contributes 100% effort to everything she does. It’s the Mantello way.


Mobile: 0422 134 767
Phone: 03 8742 3811

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